Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Business Mashups roll out in India

From ITVIDYA.com: The Chicago-based [sic] software applications company -- Serena Software has announced the availability of Serena Mashup Composer in the Indian market for the point-and-click creation of business mashups. Just as Web 2.0 technologies have made it possible for millions to create custom Web applications using open APIs and tools from various companies.

Well first, Serena is based in San Mateo, CA, not Chicago. That aside, this is a great article that accurately conveys Serena's business plan, both in the US and in India.

The concept of a 'business mashup' is fairly new, and not well understood today. For many people, process-centric mashups are akin to what you can build with Kapow's RoboMaker. In RoboMaker, mashup developers can use some process capabilities such as branching, to build an RSS feed or a REST-based web service. This is not what Serena means by process-centric mashups, however.

For Serena, a business mashup is much like a business process. That is, the process is long-running with a persisted state, spans functional silos and involves multiple stakeholders. A business mashup is also like a consumer and data mashup, with content pulled in from multiple sources, both within and outside of the organization. With Mashup Composer, business users can build these mashups without having to get IT involved.

I suggest you read the article and, of course, try Mashup Composer.

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